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Renovisions Furniture Lift System

Kieran McKenna Flooring, Inc. is committed to saving our customers time and money while providing them with beautiful, functional flooring products. This is why we are so excited to now offer InterfaceFLOR’s Renovisions® Furniture Lift System to streamline our flooring installation process.

Renovisions® uses a smart jacking system and skates to simply lift office furniture and equipment off the floor to allow for the quick removal of old flooring and the installation of new carpet. This unique system will allow for a seamless transition without disruptions to computer or phone systems. Since we can use Renovisions® after hours or on weekends, there will also be no disruption to your staff’s productivity. Best of all, using Renovisions® can save you up to 50% on flooring replacement costs.

Key Benefits Include:

  • No need to dismantle workstations or library shelves
  • No need to disconnect & reconnect power/communication cabling
  • No need to vacate premises
  • No extra storage required
  • No downtime for employees as we can work after hours
  • No need to have multiple vendors on site to handle different jobs. Deal only with our project manager for single source project coordination

If you’ve been putting off the decision to replace aging, work carpet because of the inconvenience it can cause to your staff and their work areas, then why delay things a moment longer? Installing new carpet tile using Renovisions® carpet renewal system couldn’t be easier or more efficient.

Call KMF today to learn more about this exciting new way to improve the look and feel of your office.

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